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Shatox petroleum analyzers provide laboratory performance and field instrument convenience at a price unequaled in the world.With the experience of more than ten years designing and building analyzing equipment for major refining and distribution organizations in Russia, Shatox has now brought accurate affordable test equipment for petroleum testing to the world. Recognized as one of the best values and performance by laboratories, engine builders, auto manufacturers, and individuals, their products are now being used by the U.S. military to monitor fuel quality.

How do I decide which analyzer I need?

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Boss Products manufactures magnetic oil filtration products for most "spin-on" oil filters as well as add-on filters for automatic transmissions and power steering systems. These products make your vehicles lubrication systems run cooler and last longer. Reducing friction improves fuel economy by improving the lubrication-qualities of the oil by removing the small (sub-micron) damaging ferrous metal wear particles that the existing filter allows to remain in the oil.

SpiritPFC ImageThe SpiritPFC Fuel Purifier is a patented fuel enhancement product that is placed into an engine's fuel system, fuel can, or storage system, treating and removing undesirable elements from gasoline and diesel fuels. By reducing many dissolved elements common in most consumer fuels SpiritPFC products actually improve the fuel 's performance reducing emissions, extending the life of your engine and improving fuel economy.

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